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Book description

“nez” [ネ] is French for “nose”, and it’s an apt title for a series with a protagonist with a hypersensitive sense of smell. A lot of the developments in this novel aren’t particularly surprising, but the two main characters have great chemistry and it was a delight to read their banter. There are spoilers in this review, but I think the biggest spoiler isn’t one, exactly, because it’s fairly obvious from the beginning. If you think this is too spoilery, tell me and I’ll add a bigger warning. The story begins as Takame Kizashi undergoes an interview for a job at CAS, short for Chemistry Advisory Service. He’s smart, goodlooking, has a black belt in judo and possesses an exceptionally good power of perception - nothing in his surrounding seems to escape his eye. He’s also so straightforward the line to rude is very easily crossed, making it hard for him to survive in a working environment where knowing your place is the most important thing. Luckily, CAS is the very opposite of that - apart from Ootori Ari, who interviewed him, there’s only one other emplyoee - Tsubakura Chiri. After the successful first interview, Ootori sends Takame to meet Chiri for his second interview - or rather, to see whether the two of them can work together. When he enters Chiri’s apartment, Takame’s first impression of Chiri couldn’t be worse - he’s lazy, a womanizer, and his apartment is a dump. Also, his nose seems to be continually running. Still, Takame cannot resist the challenge Chiri throws at him, and so they move out and take on their first job.CAS is an agency you can employ for all kinds of things - if you want to find out whether your new employee really does fit in with your company, whether you and you fiancee really are a good match, or whether someone in your small conspiracy is a traitor. Takame and Chiri both use their powers to figure that out.And even though they are constantly fighting, they do work very well together. There’s only one other problem though - when Chiri’s nose stops running, he can smell Takame - and promptly tells him to get the hell away from him.Now, it doesn’t take great powers of deduction to tell that this isn’t because Takame smells bad - and I don’t think you’re really supposed to think that as a reader anyway. While working their next case, they get to know each other a little better, and finally, after treating Chiri’s wound, Chiri can’t resist Takame’s scent any longer and they have sex. During the interview with Ootori Takame revealed he was gay, but in the beginning he was repulsed by rather than attracted to Chiri. But the more time he spends with him he too finds himself drawn to the other man. The book ends the morning after - they have a meeting with Ootori as a conlusion of their first case together, and now they’re both willing to work together. Whether they’re going to have sex again is another question though..I think it was about one minute into the interview with Ootori that I knew I was going to love Takame, and I was right. I really like his social awkwardness, and even though his loneliness - which he doesn’t really acknowledge - is different than Chiri’s, I think they’re going to make a great couple once they’ve worked through their issues.I wasn’t too sure about Chiri at first, but he also won me over rather quickly. He’s the kind of person who acts cheerfully 99% of the time, but that cheerfulness hides a sadness that seems bottomless. And I should add, even though you could argue that Chiri was almost drugged by Takame’s scent, Eda Yuuri made sure to show it isn’t rape. (Actually, this was the first book I read by her where no one was raped or threatened to be raped.) The book is told from Takame’s and Chiri’s POV - Takame’s part being a 3rd person POV, Chiri’s being 1st person - and during the sex scene we see everything through Chiri’s eyes, and he isn’t that overpowered. (I really was worried about that.) If anything, the fact that Chiri is attracted to Takame’s scent is going to be the reason for Takame’s insecurities in the future I guess. I’m looking forward how they’re going to go from a purely physical to an emotional relationship.This book also once again confirmed that Eda Yuuri has a great knack for writing the kind of characters you want to hang out with, even outside of BL. The side characters we get to meet - apart from Ootori Ari there’s also her brother Rei and Natasha and Rita, two girls working at the bar under Chiri’s flat - are also as likeable as the characters from the other books I’ve read by her. She’s also brilliant at writing banter. And well, like with the Koushounin series, the setting allows for an endless stream of cases. And here, too, I could see this as a tv series. The illustrations by Komizu Kiyo are great and capture the mood of the story very well. I doubt anyone’s surprised I already ordered the following volumes. The only good thing is that I am following so many series and have so much stuff to read I don’t mind waiting that much.

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